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Do you have a current plan in place?

  • Do you have a plan for your family’s future if you were to pass away?

    Has it been more than 3 years since you last created or revised your estate plan?

    Have you appointed a guardian for your underage children?

  • Do you want your children to inherit your assets outright at the age of 18?

    Have you been appointed successor trustee and have no idea where to begin?

    Has a major life event such as the birth of your child or the purchase of a home occurred?

Plan with Purpose

We are more than just lawyers - we are strategists. We plan with the purpose of protecting your family and your legacy.

Change Happens

Life changes, families grow, assets accumulate. We ensure that your current life is reflected in your plan.

Peace of Mind

Do you want a piece of paper or peace of mind? We don’t just draft documents, we create a strategy, implement this strategy, and test drive your plan to make sure it works.

What Makes Us So Different?

Upon meeting us, you’ll see that we’re unlike any other law firm in South Florida. A.J. Yolofsky, a veteran officer of the Marine Corps, understands the careful planning, attention to detail, and discipline necessary to accomplish your goals. You’ll find that his problem-solving strategy is unmatched by other attorneys. Your future is in good hands.

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Step 1: Schedule an Intro Call

In our quick 15 minute call, we discuss your needs, see if we are the right fit for you, and give you the next steps to start planning for your future.

Step 2: We strategize and Implement

At your initial consultation, we begin to strategize and implement your plan based on your current life situation and goals.

Step 3: Test Drive with Peace of Mind

We take your plan out for a test drive to make sure it works so you can focus on your family with peace of mind.

What our customers are saying…

  • “Trusted advisor…with utmost care”

    AJ consistently uses his top notch analytical and legal skills to help navigate tricky situations and develop a plan of action.
    - Alanna P.
  • “I am very thankful to have AJ as our family lawyer”

    He is very caring, spends his time answering all and any questions, and his work is remarkably thorough. From his military background, AJ has exceptional discipline and ALWAYS delivered on his promises/deadlines.
    - Purnell T.
  • consistently impressed

    AJ's legal knowledge and counsel were instrumental in my recent acquisition of a small
    - Steve W.
  • AJ is an excellent Attorney

    One of the finest law firm in the field, AJ is an excellent Attorney, who empowers his clients, with sound advise, guidance and counsel.
    - Moshe K.

    Download our Estate Planning Done Right Guide

    With our guide, you will be able to understand the basic foundations of Estate Planning and how you too can get started with planning your estate. Download our guide today so you too can be a Hero to your Family!


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    If you are serious about setting up a solid estate plan to protect your family and your future