Lori Katz

Marketing Assistant

I have always been a people person which is why my role here at Yolofsky Law fits me so well. Being such a great communicator, I get to speak with our clients and be the first person they speak to when they call us. I get to build a relationship with our clients and then hand them off to Anna, our Client Services Director. Having the ability to speak with our clients has allowed me to understand their needs and wants in order to better serve them with our marketing efforts. 

At Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida I majored in Anthropology and minored in Communication and Dance.  My resume includes design, sales, and management of various product based companies here in Fort Lauderdale. Yolofsky Law relies on my expertise in multiple areas to communicate the firm’s effectiveness in practice and caring for the local community. 

At Yolofsky Law, we love helping out our community which is why, as a Veteran Marine, AJ continues his service to the military community through his donation of a scholarship called the MURPH Challenge named after Sgt. Michael Murphy who served and lost his life in Afghanistan. My passion for helping in the community has allowed me to take on this project. I have been a resident of Fort Lauderdale my whole life so my passion for my community is embedded in everything I do here from spending my free time out on our beautiful ocean, sending my children to school here, and working for Yolofsky Law to protect and improve the life of all our residents.