A Sunny Year for the Sunshine State

We are pleased to announce Yolofsky Law has been featured in the January 2016 edition of Acquisition International. Using the digital publication below, navigate to page 112 to read  the full editorial, A Sunny Year in the Sunshine State. For your convenience, full article text has been provided just below the digital publication.https://e.issuu.com/embed.html?identifier=7p9hfob6zztn&embedType=script#0/33171555

Yolofsky Law has developed a three-part “manoeuvre” strategy to effectively and efficiently reach client goals. Our manoeuvre concept employs strategy and tactics to put the opposition into the ‘horns of a dilemma,’ forcing them to operate reactively to the tempo we set.

As the firm’s Founder I combine more than twenty years of business, legal, and military experience to give clients the highest level of advice and counsel in business matters across the globe.

The business practice developed from my experience working with companies and executives of all types from Fortune 500 enterprises to entrepreneurs with just an idea. After many years of litigating failed deals, corporate breakups, and stock fraud, I turned my attention to assisting businesses avoid these issue through goal-setting, strategic planning, and the development of tactics to carry out the strategy and obtain the goal.

Within the corporate side of our business we work with small and medium size businesses on all aspects of their operations. Many of these entities are either international businesses that are in the process of expanding their operations in the United States or they are Florida businesses seeking to work internationally. For example, we are in the process of guiding an Asian communications company reorganize their North American operations, including expansion into Canada.

Additionally, we also work in dispute resolution, because unfortunately not every deal or relationship turns out for the best. Sometimes it seems that litigation is a growth industry in the United States because almost every issue is brought to court for resolution. However, litigation is potentially an open-ended expensive proposition. By applying the principles of “manoeuvre litigation,” which are based on the teachings of the Chinese master of strategy, Sun Tzu, the firm works to place the adversary into a position where they give up the fight.

Being based in Florida we have a strong knowledge of the local economy. Florida has been working hard to establish itself following the 2008 crash and ensuing recession. The unemployment rate has dropped to approximately 5%; however, there are still numerous trained individuals who are ready to go to work. Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the country because of our weather, low taxes, and pro-business government.

In particular, Miami continues to see investment growth because of the number of international firms that put their Latin American operations headquarters in this city. Over 40% of all U.S. exports to Latin and South America pass through Florida.

With regards to investment, real estate will always be the top investment prospect, as Florida remains one of the top travel destinations in the world. Currently, some forecasters are predicting a downturn in Florida’s real estate market; however, all this means is that there will be value opportunities for those who do their homework. Land is one commodity for which is there is no new manufacturing. Florida’s beaches are some of the best in the world and there are countless places for which growth can be obtained over the long run.

Other industries seeing positive growth over the next twelve months include professional services, tourism, space technology, and agriculture. There is some geographic distribution of these opportunities as increases in professional services are typically in either the Miami-Dade/Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area or the Tampa metropolitan area. Growth in space technology is concentrated on the Space Coast in east central Florida. The agriculture opportunities exist in central and northern Florida.

Therefore, overseas investors looking to move into the US will find there are many opportunities for growth investment in technology, real estate, agriculture, tourism, and financial services. Those investors who seek to immigrate to the United States will find the EB-5 visa program particularly attractive because the US Congress did not change the investment requirements.

Additionally, there are other possible visas available for companies looking to expand their operations into the United States. For those looking to start anew in the United States, there are options for creating entities such as limited liability companies and corporations that do not require US citizenship.

Ultimately, Florida is fast-becoming one of the primary centres of international trade. With our ports, great weather, low taxes, and easy access to North and South America, Florida is uniquely positioned to provide a complete platform for foreign firms and individuals to add profitable operations. There is absolutely nothing comparable to working in a place where most other people come to vacation because stress levels can be instantly lowered by savouring a cafecito or colada while watching the early morning waves crash on our beaches. As with any new destination, a guide can be extremely helpful to get quickly oriented and organized to avoid pitfalls and traps for the unwary, and our firm offers a range of services to support the ingratiation of new businesses.

Moving forward, the firm’s future is overwhelmingly positive. Revenue is up and clients continue to trust us with their business. The firm expects to be working on more international private equity transactions in the Middle East with expansion into three or four African nations. Additionally, general counsel services are in high demand as three new clients have requested the firm to work with them.

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This article originally appeared on page 112 in the January 2016 issue of Acquisition International, available here.